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This Gift Survey is part 1 of discovering and understanding the Spiritual Gifts God has empowered you with. To get a more complete view of your Spiritual Gifts, please complete both the Gifts and Style Surveys.
Directions for this Gift Survey:
Respond to each statement using the following scale which best describes your CURRENT assessment of yourself.
3 = Consistently, definitely true
2 = Most of the time, usually true
1 = Some of the time, once in a while
0 = Not at all, never
The best approach to these statements is not to over think, go with your first thought. Consider these questions to assist you:
How true is this statement of me?
What has been my experience?
To what degree does this statement reflect my usual tendencies?
Avoid the urge to consider “What I want to be or need to be.”  There is no right or wrong answer if you are honest about yourself.
After completing the survey (should take about 10 to 15 minutes, there are 133 statements, it goes quick if you follow the guidelines above) click on “Send” and your completed survey will be sent to Pastor Rick. He will calculate your responses and send you a “Gift” Profile, which will include information about each of your primary and support “Gifts”