This Style Survey is part 2 of discovering and understanding on how you would work best in using your Spiritual Gifts God has empowered you with. 
Directions for this Style Survey:
A. For each statement, check the word or phrase you think best describes what you would prefer to do or be in most situations
B. Then check a box (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) that represents to what degree you prefer
Example; When on vacation I prefer to  be spontaneous  1  2  3  4  5  follow a set plan
If your preference is to make it up as you go along (spontaneous) check either box 1 or 2, on the other hand you prefer to have everything planned out (follow a set plan) check either box 4 or 5. Box 3 if it truly does not matter which.
C. After completing the survey, click “Send” and your completed survey will be sent Pastor Rick. He will calculate your responses and send a ‘Style” Profile.
be spontaneous
leave my options open
play it by ear
by working it out as I go
doing things for people
focus on the goal
advancing a cause
gotten a job done
on time
meeting a deadline

follow a set plan
settle things now
stick to a plan
by following a plan
being with people
focus on relationships
creating community
built a relationship
when everyone gets there
maintaining the team