Vision Banner
The Vision we have here at AlexFirstFMC is about being a church with energized people getting involved in the community, reaching out to those  that God has placed in our path, being confident in sharing our faith and serving others
How do we get there?
How do we become a church filled with energized people? 
The answer is by being committed to
Our VisionPath of Four Strategy Directions
1)  Focuses on Discipling and Serving
2)  Embraces People
3)  Spiritual Health
4)  Trains, Develops and Equip Leaders and Followers
What Is Your Vision
1 Discipling
Our focus is on preparing people for works of service and providing opportunities to serve both within the church and outside the church in their neighborhoods including places of work and pleasure. We accomplish this by understanding how God created and empowered them. And encouraging a path that leads to a holiness that gives them the confidence to love God fully and then to love others.
As one walks the path as a Disciple of Christ they will have a desire and passion to embrace people from all backgrounds and circumstances. 
Spiritual Health
There comes a point in one’s walk with the Lord, where more is desired. Spiritual Health is about maturing in their Personal Spiritual Formation. This is the step in the Vision-Path that can lead to greater ‘Inner-Witness” of the Spirit and greater effectiveness and fulfillment of service.
For Ministry
Discipling, Embraces and Spiritual Health are about Loving God with all your heart. soul, mind and strength, so you can love your others, this path of our vision-path, is about the practical training, development and equipping for a deeper role in ministry. Either as a leader or as a follower. This pathway can lead to full-time ordained ministry with the Free Methodist Church or as a local Consecrated Deacon.