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This year, 2016, the AlexFirstFMC has been taking a journey through the Bible, using the Revised Common Lectionary as the road map. Pastor Rick used this video as a reminder leading into sermons on the importance the Scriptures play in our every day life. 

One of the cornerstones to Wesleyan and Methodist practice of Christianity is the precept of what is called the “Inner Witness.” This is the understanding of our spirit bearing witness to the Holy Spirit. It is this concept that John Wesley could not grasp or understand how it worked, but John Wesley finally was able to experience it “When he felt his heart strangely warmed.” Pastor Rick has used this video clip as introductions to sermons on holiness and, as you will see in the clip, that the Lord uses others to assist us in understanding the deeper truths of faith.

Pastor Rick has used this video many times as an opening illustration for sermons on the need for God, the power of the Holy Spirit and that it is our choice to accept the power of God in our life. And when we allow the Lord to empower us through the Holy Spirit, we can have a better life with the understanding of meaning of to Love the Lord thy God with your heart, soul, mind and strength so you can love your neighbor as yourself.

This is an illustration on the power of one to make a difference in someone’s life, and the importance of ministering to “the least of these” no matter what your own personal circumstances are. Pastor Rick has used this video parable both as an opening illustration and closing to messages on being ready to serve when God provides the opportunity and by always observant to what is going on as you walk through your daily life.