What is the Free Little Pantry?
The Free Little Pantry is for anyone who is in need of food or basic life essentials. It’s contents will vary depending on what is readily available. We do our best to place items in throughout the day. There is no sign up or sign in required, The Pantry is designed to provide for one or two meals at a time, so we ask those using the Pantry to take just what they need for the moment. We encourage everyone to come back as often as needed.
Serving the 
Community of
Alexandria, MN and the Surrounding Area.
How Do People Know About and
Find the Free Little Pantry?
The most effective method is by word of mouth by the people who are currently using the Pantry. We also have made available handout cards that are provided to the social organizations in the community, school teachers, social workers and others to be given to people they come into contact with who are in need. We also have posted signage by the church directing those who are driving by of the location of the Pantry. Since the launch of the Free Little Pantry in July 2017, we have seen the number of people who use the Pantry and those who send people to it steadily increase.
Located at the Front Entrance of the Alexandria First
Free Methodist Church
at the Corner of 8th Ave. and Jefferson St. in Alexandria, MN
  The Pantry Is Used By…
Families who find themselves without the means to have a meal
The elderly of our community who are hungry
College Students
Single moms and dads
And many others
In our community there are many places to get food assistance, but there are very few that are available 24 hours. The Free Little Pantry is by design to assist those for one reason or another cannot take advantage of the other services or the timing of their need does not come when other sources are available. If a child is hungry at night and there is no food, where can a parent get something to feed their child? The Free Little Pantry.
We Invite Your Assistance
The Free Little Pantry is only effective because of people like you who have desire to assist those who are hungry and in need of basic items.
Your donations both monetary or in food will assure that this ministry can continue to be effective for this community.
Food and other items can be dropped off at the church or put directly into the Pantry.  Arrangements can be made to pick up donations as well. Just contact Pastor Rick Martin at 320-761-7000.
Tax deductible monetary donations can be mailed to the Pantry in c/o of the Alexandria Free Methodist Church, 402 8th Ave. E Alexandria, MN 56308. Please make checks payable to Free Methodist Church and write Pantry on the memo line.  Thank-you for your support.
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